Personalized Horse Evacuation Identification Neck Strap; 2 inch wide Bright Orange Nylon Webbing; 2 inch by 4 inch Velcro "breakaway" connection; Embroidered Phone Number, by Thriving Pets International

  • $ 24.00

Our horse evacuation neck straps are embroidered with your phone number in bold, black thread for ease of identification. Each strap is made with sewn on Velcro connection that will breakaway. Our identification neck straps are high quality, beautifully crafted and made in the USA.
  • Easily put on to the horse in the case of a pending emergency
  • Attached around the neck with Velcro
  • If horse gets snagged on a fence or branch, Velcro releases before injury
  • Embroidered with your phone number or your stable’s phone number for quick identification
  • Available in 3 lengths based on your horse’s neck size


Average Horse 900-1200 Lbs.    32 Inch Strap

Arabian Horse                               27 Inch Strap

Large Horse 1200-1400 Lbs.      42 Inch Strap

Draft Horse 1400-1800 Lbs.       42 Inch Strap