About Us


At Thriving Pets International, our mission is to keep your pets feeling good and looking good.  We do this through quality human grade dog and cat food, daily supplements such as Spark and a wide line of pet collars and leashes which can be custom embroidered for that special look. 

Many times, people forget that our furry friends would also like to have something special - whether it would be better food, supplements or nicer leashes and collars.  Thriving Pets International strives to provide the ideal selection of pet approved products for your furry family members. 

We not only provide quality items for your dog and cat, but also horses  

All  our collars, leashes, harnesses and horse halters are handmade in Littleton, Colorado.

Debbie has over 15 years of business experience specializing in pet supplements, dog & cat food,  custom collars and horse halters.

Debbie is a leading distributor providing the premier pet supplement called Spark. Spark is a unique, comprehensive natural, whole food supplement made in the USA. Call Debbie and ask her about the products of holistic, human grade dog and cat food and treats.

Call: 303-835-0551