Personalized Breakaway Designer Pattern Horse Halters; Choice of Brass or Nickel Hardware. 1" Wide Nylon Webbing, 8 Color Options; By Thriving Pets International

  • $ 70.00

This year we have added Designer Pattern Horse Halters for you.  They come in many different patterns and are beautiful.  We have a one of kind Colorado Pattern that you will not see any where else. 

1.  Multiple base halter nylon color options. Choose from 8 base nylon colors.

2.  All halters are made with 1” wide, Triple Ply  webbing. Halters are 1/4" thick and sewn with matching thread color. Triple-stitched at connection points adds strength and durability

3.  Ample adjustment on all halters at the crown and chin for a perfect fit

4.  Your choice of nickel or brass, durable hardware. Depending on base nylon webbing color, some halters look better with nickel others with brass.

  • Average 900 - 1200 lbs.
  • Large 1200 - 1500 lbs.
  • Arabian Horses

 Breakaway does not come in draft horse size.

Designer Colors: 

Barb Wire, Black Diamonds, Running Horses, Patriotic, Colorado, Tie Dye, 

Wicked Purple,  and Tie Dye Flower