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Safety Breakaway Cat Collars

Safety Breakaway Cat Collars

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These great Reflective Cat Collars come with a safety buckle that releases at the slightest sign of struggle allowing the cat to slip free.  All of our collars come with a little bell so you know where he is and what he is up too.  

We have many styles to choose from.  Not all collars come in all colors.  Listed below are the colors the collars come in.  Also, look at the sizes.  Some of the collars will go to 12" some to 14" for the larger cat.  All the collars are adjustable.

Collar Colors:  Be sure to choose the correct color for the collar style.  If the wrong color is chosen, it will say it's unavailable.

Reflective bubbles collar comes in red only. 

Reflective paw prints collar comes in black, red and royal blue.

Reflective heart collar comes in light pink, black and red. 

Solid color collars come in red and purple.

Fancy collars come in green, purple and red.

These  fancy collars have buckles, but they are also a safety collar with elastic for your furry friend to be able to get free if they get caught in something.


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