Designer Pattern Traffic Handler Dog Leashes 1" and 3/4" Widths

  • $ 18.00

Introducing our new traffic handler leashes.  I have made these leashes with your customer in mind. I'm sure your customer has been walking their dog and another dog, child or person walks by or comes up to see their dog?  I know I have when I walk my dog.  I have a solution for your customer.  This leash has two handles.  One at the top of the leash for walking your dog and one handle at the bottom of the leash to keep your dog close to your customer in traffic.  No more trying to reel your dog in on the leash or wrapping it around your hand.  Just grab the other handle and the traffic jam is over.  I have also added a D-ring by the top handle for you to hang your keys, a waste bag holder or even a phone. 

Our leashes are 5' in length and come in 1" and 3/4" widths.  If you need a different length, Please contact me and I can make that for you. You have 14  desginer patterns to choose from. They have a strong metal clip that attaches to your dogs collar.  We also use matching thread to match the color of nylon. 

Waste bag holder, keys and carabiner are not included with the leash.

All leashes are made with matching thread.

If you need a custom leash, please contact me.

Made in USA

Picture of traffic handler is shown in plain nylon.