Canine Health Nutritional Supplement

Canine Health Nutritional Supplement

  • $ 25.00

Canine Health focuses on the fight against oxidative stress.  This has benefited humans all over the world and now it is available to our pets.

Canine Health is a daily supplement specifically formulated for dogs.  Using the Nrf2 activation, collagen, glucosamine, chondrotin, hyaluronic acid and omega-3 fatty acid it is specifically formulated to:

  • Reduce oxidative stress

  • Support brain, skin and eye functions

  • Support joint function, mobility and flexibility

  • Support cognitive function

Reducing oxidative stress in dogs may help to reduce problems associated with normal aging in canines such as decreased social interaction, loss of prior house training, sleep disturbance, decreased mobility and possible disorientation, which are as distressing to dog owners as they are to their four legged loved ones.