Testimonials From Our Pets & People

I love my dogs and I feed them natural food from Debbie Pokorn and Fit Pets and People. If you want to keep your dogs healthier, longer, you should call her!

Adam Kemper 


Hi Debbie, 

Wanted to give the following testimony. 

We got two thumbs up from our vet!  We recently took our precious beagle, Zoey, in for a checkup.  The vet said, "I don't know what you have been doing, but Zoey has taken off her excess weight."  What we did was exchanged the treats we gave to Zoey with treats we purchased from Debbie Pokorn with Fit Pets and People.  Zoey loves the treats and they are low calorie so we can play our favorite game of throwing the treats high in the air for Zoey to catch, have fun and not worry about Zoey gaining weight.

Kathy Matise


Ever since we switched to Debbie’s cat food, our cats are noticeably healthier. Their fur is thicker and smoother and they have much more energy. One of the best parts about ordering from Debbie is the service. Our food is delivered right to our door and since she keeps track of our order timing, we don’t need to remember to order before we run out. Making our lives easier and our cats healthier is definitely something to feel good about. Thank you, Debbie.

—Amir Ronen


I gave Debbie's phone number to my dear friend who lives out of state.  Her 15 year old cat was not doing well and stopped eating and they were very upset at the thought of possibly loosing their beloved feline family member.  My friend went to the website Debbie gave her, ordered the food and within a couple of days her cat started eating Debbie's food.  Debbie is a pet advocate and a wealth of knowledge about healthy pet habits.  Thanks for giving my friend some more time with her cat! 

—Deb Musgrave, Customer Care


I have to tell you I never buy canned dog food for her because when I have in the past it would always get her sick to her stomach. I have been buying that food they sell for the dogs it’s in a tube in a refrigerator in the dog food aisle.   

When I gave her the cans you let me try she ate them right away and never got sick.  She has a weak stomach, I am sure due to age but she did well with this food you gave me.

Thank you

—Vincent Grandi


Hi Debbie,

Just wanted to give you an update on Sera's dog food transition.  It is going fantastic as we have no "accidents" inside the house!  In addition, Deidre saw her push aside her old brand and eat the Flint River Brand first in her dog bowl, so clearly she prefers the taste too. 

Over the past several years, Sera has been infamous for eye-watering flatulence.  Yea, it has been pretty brutal.  With Flint River, Deidre is convinced that the Sera's "farts don't stink!"  I am reserving judgement until everyone in the house has gotten over their colds as I personally have no sense of smell--lol!