Has the Flint River Ranch dog or cat food ever been recalled?

No. Flint River Ranch foods are NOT being recalled. And never have been.

Who makes Flint River Ranch cat and dog food?

Flint River Ranch is a private company owned by Jim Flint. The production of Flint River Ranch pet food began on October 12, 1993. The goal of Mr. Flint was to make the best possible feline and canine foods, while addressing important concerns such as weight control, allergies, and other common health issues. Also, the food must be readily available to the four-legged customers that really need it.

Is Flint River Ranch food tested on laboratory animals?

Flint River Ranch does not test its products on laboratory animals. No animals are destroyed or are involved in any type of medical surgery or physical invasion during the palatability testing and evaluation procedures. All testing is done voluntarily on pets of all ages, including staff pets and those of selected pet owners and breeders, in exchange for free food. Various aspects of the animals' overall health are monitored, including weight, activity level, stool and urine, allergy sensitivities, and hair and skin conditions. The results are reviewed by certified nutritionists and veterinarians.

Is Flint River Ranch food tested for toxins?

Ingredients are obtained from human-quality suppliers and must be certified by the USDA, FDA, and other regulatory agencies. Extensive testing is done on all ingredients when they are received, including (but not limited to) meat temperature, salmonella and other toxins, and foreign objects. Samples are taken every 15 minutes during oven-baking, which are then sent to the quality control laboratory for testing including (but not limited to) protein, moisture, fiber and fat analysis. The finished product is tested for optimal vitamin and mineral mix. We've never had a recall.

What is the shelf life of Flint River Ranch pet food?

Flint River Ranch pet food has a shelf life of about six months, whether opened or not; however, each bag has a "Best Used By" date on it, and, if stored properly, the food can be used until that date, which is often longer than six months. Note that this date indicates optimum freshness, and does not mean that the food will be unsafe after this date.




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