Kwik Klip Nylon Dog Collars

  • $ 6.00

These collars feature precision side-release buckles that allow the collar to snap on and off by simply pushing dual-action spring. One size fits a wide range of dogs.  These collars come in many color choices.  We also use matching thread to sew our collars which gives your collar a custom look.

You may find it difficult to pick just one. 

Our collars come in 7 different sizes:

3/8" X-small     Fits neck size 7"-10"       3-15 Pounds

5/8" X-small     Fits neck size 7"-10"       3-15 Pounds

5/8" Small        Fits neck size 10"-14"     8-20 Pounds

3/4" Medium    Fits neck size 14"-18"     20-70 Pounds

1" Medium       Fits neck size 14"-18"     20 - 70 Pounds

1" Large        Fits neck size 18"-26"        60-170 Pounds

1" X-Large       Fits neck size 18"-30"     170-230 Pounds

You can also have your collar personalized.  This is the perfect identification tag. It does not wear our or get scratched so it is unreadable.  You can have your pets name only or name and telephone number  embroidered on the collar. If they ever get lost, it will be easy for your furry family member to be returned home.

If you would like an x-small collar  embroidered, I will make you an x-small in a 5/8" width. This way you can see and read the embroidery. I am unable to embroider on the 3/8" width.

Don't forget to check out the  Flippin Pet Collar Covers. Our Flippin Pet Collar Covers fit over 3/8", 5/8", 3/4" and 1" Kwik Klips.  Your pet will be STYLIN'