Breakaway Horse Halter, Solid Color Webbing, Choice of Brass or Nickel Hardware. 1" Wide, 3 Ply Nylon Webbing. 14 Color Options, by Thriving Pets International

  • $ 55.00

Our nylon horse halters are adjustable for a perfect fit; high quality; beautifully crafted. Made in the USA.

1.  Multiple base halter nylon color options. Choose from 13 base nylon colors. 1

2.  All halters are made with 1” wide, Triple-Ply, 100% nylon webbing. Halters are 1/4" thick and sewn with matching thread color. Triple-stitched at connection points adds strength and durability

3.  Ample adjustment on all halters at the crown and chin for a perfect fit

4.  Your choice of nickel or brass, durable hardware. Depending on base nylon webbing color, some halters look better with nickel others with brass.

4.  Sizes: Average horse 900 - 1200 lbs. Arabian 600 – 900 lbs. Large horse 1200 - 1500 lbs. 

5.  Breakaway leather head strap option for Average, Arabian, and Large sizes.


Black, Bright Green, Bright Orange, Bright Pink, Gold, Navy, Purple, Raspberry, Red, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Pumpkin and Red, White and Blue


*Breakaway halters are not available to draft horses.