Personalized Horse Evacuation Identification Halter made with Reflective Orange Nylon Webbing, Embroidered Telephone Number, Breakaway Head Strap by Thriving Pets International

  • $ 55.00

Our Horse Evacuation Identification Halters are embroidered with your phone number in bold, black thread for ease of identification, rescue and recovery.  A leather breakaway head strap option will breakaway if your horse gets snagged on a fence, tree or other obstruction.  Our nylon halters are adjustable for a perfect fit, high quality, beautifully crafted and made in the USA.

1.  The nylon Evacuation Halter is made in a reflective orange color and brass hardware.

2.  Your phone number is embroidered with black thread and block lettering for easy               visibility.

3.  All halters are made with 1” wide, Triple-Ply, 100% nylon webbing. Halters are 1/4" thick       and sewn with matching thread color. Triple-stitched at connection points adds                   strength and durability.

4.  Ample adjustment on all halters at the crown and chin for a perfect fit.

5.  We offer a leather breakaway option for average, Arabian and large horses.  Breakaway       is not available for draft horses.

Sizes: Average horse 900 - 1200 lbs. Arabian 600 – 900 lbs. Large horse 1200 - 1500 lbs. Draft horse 1400 - 1800 lbs.